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More about Clearlooks animations

20 November 2005
We have one more patch today. Its agains CVS from today.
There is nothing significant new what can be seen. But it implement GHashTable, with GSList it handles signals for animated widgets and fix some bugs with crashing applications.
Patch is here: animated_clearlooks-0.8.4.patch

I also made one Theora OGG movie, now you can see why i prefer h264 videos
So take a look: clearlooks_animated-0.8.3.ogg (416K)
clearlooks_animated-0.8.4.ogg (532K)

There are some people who ask why we droped tab animation and slider animation. This patches are no difficult, you can put this in every time you want. We should keep clearlooks clean and dont overload it. Also that all is only a hack and its problematik to support hacks for distros like redhat. So it should be some other, new engine if you wish to have full animated desktop
Making animation optional dont solve problem with support. If code is there, it should be supported. Even if somebody dont use it on default. That seems to be a problem with clearlooks and animations.

I also tryed yesterday to make MacOSX peoples happy with my videos. In the fakt quicktime can play h264 stream, but it seems nothing to know about avi container. I dont found any way to produce mov or mpeg-4 container in mencoder. I also tryed ffmpeg, but actualy it works very buggy with h264 stream. Sollution was to take MP4Box to make MP4 container, but it dont want work for me with h264 from avi.
Maybe somebody know any good way?